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It is an honour to share with you our works of stone.

From natural stone facing to classic rock walls, fireplaces, stone flooring, columns and patios, each project we complete is unique and tailored to your specific needs.

The possibilities are endless and we take great pride in all aspects of our work.


The ROCKS and STONES team.

A modern product with timeless appeal


Led by Victoriaโ€™s K2 stone veneer specialist Joel Banner.

With a beautiful range of products to choose from, our local supplier K2 stone is leading the way in providing quality natural stone veneer and full-bed options for us to bring to you.





 Natural Stone patios




Gas or wood burning, a fireplace should be the focal point of your living room. With a huge range of stone colours and styles to choose from, we would love to create your dream fireplace for you.


Paving Stones

A great cost effective and versatile product for a patio, walkway, or staircase. Well prepared and installed paving stone surfaces create a crisp, clean, easy to maintain look.



Lights can be used in a variety of ways, to denote stairways and provide safe pedestrian access along pathways and patios, as accents for focal points in the landscape, and to shed light over a large area to help deter unwanted visitors while simultaneously welcoming your guests.


Natural Stone Flooring

The natural alternative to standard tile floors using natural shapes, textures, and modern building techniques.


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